Richard Burns Rally


These steps are automatically verified and performed by SIMRIG Control Center. Start the game and follow the prompts issued by SIMRIG Control Center. Or use the auto-configure tool on the Settings Page.


The only supported version of Richard Burns Rally is 1.02 with SSE.

Install SIMRIG’s telemetry plugin:

  1. Close Richard Burns Rally (RBR)

  2. Open the GamePlugins directory in SIMRIG Control Center’s installation folder:

    • Usually located at %LocalAppData%/SIMRIG/ControlCenter/GamePlugins

  3. Copy RBR-SimrigTelemetryPlugin.dll

  4. Paste the file into RBR’s plugin directory

    • Usually located at C:/Program Files (x86)/Richard Burns Rally/Plugins

  5. Done

If installed correctly, the plugin will appear under Options > Plugins: