Welcome! This section will tell you how to install SIMRIG Control Center and get it running.


Before we start, lets make sure your computer meets the following requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10/11 (64-bit)

Other version of the Windows operating system that support .NET 4.6.1 may work but have not been tested.

Next, make sure the following frameworks are intalled:


You are now ready to download the installer.

Installation steps

Proceed by running the installer. The installer is typically called SIMRIG-Control-Center-Latest.exe or something simillar. It will copy the SIMRIG Control Center executable and support libraries to your harddrive.

Microsoft’s SmartScreen may treat you to the following message when you start the installer.


The SmartScreen is suspicious of our software since it is not in widespread use; and since it was downloaded from the Internet.

Simply bypass this warning by pressing the More info link. Then proceed by pressing the Run anyway button:


You are now greeted by the installer.


Sometimes the Run anyway button is unavailable. If this happens. Locate the setup file on your harddrive. Open its Properties window Right click > Properties. Then check the Unblock checkbox at the bottom.


It is recommended to use the default settings throughout the installer. Simply spam Next > and Install if your are in a hurry. Then start SIMRIG Control Center from the Start Menu.


Component Selection

Next, make sure to install the FTDI Drivers if this is your first time installing the software. These are already installed on most systems. But install them anyway.

Without the FTDI Drivers the SIMRIG hardware will not be able to communicate with your PC.


Install Location

Next, take note of the install location. This is where the SIMRIG Control Center executable will be located. It is also where your personal settings and profiles will be stored.

It is recommended to use the default install location. The default install location is associated with your Windows user. Other users on the same PC may also install the program without interfering with your settings.


Start Menu

Next, choose weather or not a shortcut to SIMRIG Control Center is created on your Start Menu. By default, a shortcut is created.

Press Next > to install the program.


FTDI Drivers

Next, the installer will copy all files. When done it will ask for Administrator privileges. Administrator privileges are required to install the FTDI Drivers (if selected previously.)

Press Extract to get started.


New Device Wizard

Press Next.


License Agreement

Read the license License Agreement.


Completeing Device Driver Installation

The FTDI Drivers are now installed.


Return to the SIMRIG Control Center installer and press Next >


Completing Setup

SIMRIG Control Center is installed. Check the Run SIMRIG Control Center checkbox to start the program when you press Finish.