Settings Page

This section describes the settings page and its operation.

The settings page contains settings and options that affect the behavior of SIMRIG Control Center. It also contains a set of useful tools.


Figure: The Settings page in SIMRIG Control Center.


On the right-side you will find the toolbar. From here your can open the program’s installation folder and its log file.

Configure games for motion

It is necessary to configure some games for motion. SIMRIG Control Center can automatically find and configure many games. From the settings page you can launch the Configure installed games dialog to automatically find and configure games installed on your computer.


Figure: A list of all installed games that support automatic configuration for motion is shown in this list.

UDP settings

From the settings page you can launch the UDP settings configuration dialog. Use this dialog to set custom UDP ports and to enable UDP passthrough. This is also where console users enter the IP address of their console and where they can read their local IP address.

When launched this dialog shows a list of all games with support for custom UDP ports and passthrough:

Click a game from the list to bring up its configuration dialog:


Figure: These are the UDP settings for Dirt Rally 2.0. Other games might present other options.


All options are not available for all games. Only available options are show for the selected game.

Local address

This is a list of IP address for your local PC. It is provided as a convenience. Enter one of these IP addresses if required by the console game. Read this guide to find your IP address manually.

Remote address

If this sections is shown, SIMRIG Control Center must know the IP address of your console in order to initiate communication and download telemetry. Enter your console’s IP address here. Read this guide to locate the console’s IP address.

UDP port

SIMRIG Control Center uses the game’s default UDP port unless otherwise instructed. When the port number is blank the game’s default port is used. Using the default port is recommended for most users.

If your are using a third-party program alongside SIMRIG Control Center it might be necessary to use a custom port number. Enter this port number into the textbox. The game should send telemetry to this port.

UDP passthrough


This is an advanced topic only of interest to users with dashboards, custom LEDs, fans, and other peripherals. See use cases for details.

Some games only supports a single telemetry receiver – that is, the game cannot send data to two different ports simultaneously. For this reason SIMRIG Control Center features UDP passthrough. SIMRIG Control Center forwards all UDP telemetry to another program on the same device when UDP passthrough is enabled.

Enter a port number in the textbox to enable UDP passthrough. Choose a port number larger than 1024 and less than 65000. Remember to enter the same port number in the third-party program.

Use cases

Here is a list of common use cases that might need custom UDP ports and passthrough: