See the list of supported console games.


Some console games on XBOX and PlayStation can send their telemetry data over a network. This means that a PC running SIMRIG Control Center can capture the telemetry data from your console and convert it into motion commands for the SIMRIG motion system. In other words: it is possible to use a console with SIMRIG products but it requires a PC and a local network.


Figure: The PC is connected to the console over network and to SIMRIG SR1 over USB.

In the figure above a console is connected to a local network. A PC is connected to the same local network and to a SIMRIG SR1. The PC receives telemetry data from the network. Converts it into motion commands and sends them to the SIMRIG SR1 over USB. The PC is only responsible for signal processing. The game is running on the console.


A wired network connection is recommended on both PC and console for increased stability and lower latency.

Console users should familiarize themselves with UDP settings and Telemetry source selection.

Quick start

This sections describes how to get started with SIMRIG Control Center as a console user. Have a look at the rest of this documentation to familiarize yourself with the software and its behavior. Most sections apply regardless if your are using a PC or a console.

Start by installing SIMRIG Control Center on a PC connected to the same network as your console. See the Installation section for details.

Connect your SIMRIG SR1 or SIMRIG SR2 the PC.

This is what you will see when you start the program for the first time:


We have a single device connected to our system. This is apparent by the status message at the bottom of the screen: “Connected to 1 device”. If this message reads “Searching for devices” then make sure the motion system is connected to your PC.

Motion is disabled at startup. You must manually enable motion by pressing the Enable button.

No game is currently selected as indicated by the “Looking for known process…” message. Pressing the Change button opens a list of all supported console games.


Select a game from the list:


Let us choose Grant Turismo 7 for this example. If you choose any other game, please read the setup instructions for that game.

On first launch SIMRIG Control Center asks for the IP address of your console. Use this guide to find your console’s IP address and enter it under Remote Address:


After closing the configuration dialog SIMRIG Control Center will try to establish a connection with your console.

Make sure to allow SIMRIG Control Center through the Windows Firewall. All console games transmit telemetry data over the local network. Network access is required to enable motion in console games.


Start Grant Turismo 7 and enter a race. Telemetry is sent from the console to SIMRIG Control Center when you start driving.