Rig Compatibility

The SIMRIG SR1, SR2, and SR3 motion systems can be mounted on many different rigs. We offer of-the-shelf solutions for aluminium extrusions in a variety of sizes. However, other types of rigs might also be compatible.

Contact us to inquire about your rig.

These are things to consider regardless of rig construction:

  • The total weight shall not exceed 175 kg for SR1 (including driver, rig, and all accessories), 225 kg for SR2, and 250 kg for SR3

  • Less weight is better (higher mass means higher inertia)

  • The rig must be sturdy enough to handle the forces generated by the motion system

  • Maximum width is 620 mm unless EasyBrackets are used (see picture below)


Figure: Maximum rig width is 620 mm unless EasyBrackets are used.

Aluminium extrusion based rigs

We offer of-the-shelf solutions for aluminium extrusions of the following size:

  • 60x20 mm

  • 40x40 mm

  • 80x40 mm

  • 100x40 mm

  • 120x40 mm

  • 160x40 mm

These are extruded aluminium profiles with 8 mm slots.


Other sizes are available on request. For example 95x45 mm, 45x45 mm, 60x30 mm.


Figure: Aluminium extrusions with of-the-shelf support.

Tube frame rigs and other types

Contact us to inquire about your rig.

Mounting options

We offer two options for mounting the motion system to your rig:

  1. Set of four 20x20 profiles

  2. Set of four EasyBrackets

The EasyBrackets allows faster installation but the profiles are more cost effective and work for smaller rigs such as those with 40x40 profiles.

20x20 profiles

The SIMRIG SR2 in the picture below is mounted on a 80x40 aluminium extrusion rig using two 20x20x780 mm profiles. The profiles are attached to the rig using angle brackets, T-nuts, and bolts.

The profiles are 780 mm long; hence the rig width limitation of 620 mm.

Four 20x20 profiles and four plastic brackets are required to attach the SIMRIG motion system to an aluminum rig. These are included if the 20x20 mounting option is choosen.

The four 20x20 profiles are mounted in pairs. Two at the front of the rig and two at the back. Each pair holds two SIMRIG actuators.

The plastic brackets are designed to attach to a specific extrusion size. Different rigs are based on different extrusions and therefore require a matching bracket. Brackets for your choosen extrusion are included in the box.

See the user manual for more details on how to attach the profiles.


Figure: Two 20x20x780 mm aluminium profiles are attached to the rigs underside. The SIMRIG SR2 is attached to these profiles.

The profiles are available in both silver and black to match your rig.

20x20 profiles are the only option for 40x40 mm rigs. They are also a good option for less sturdy rigs as the 20x20 profiles form a base on which your rig is mounted.


The EasyBrackets were introduced in 2024 as a faster way to install the SIMRIG SR1, SR2, and SR3 motion systems. The EasyBrackets are a set of four aluminium consoles that come pre-attached to the actuators. They allow the actuators to bolt onto the sides of the rig.

See the user manual for more details on how to attach a motion system with EasyBrackets.


Figure: A SIMRIG SR2 bolts directly onto the rig using the pre-attached EasyBrackets.

The EasyBrackets are black to match the actuators.

EasyBrackets are not compatible with 40x40 rigs.


Choose 20x20x780 mm profiles:

  • Your rig is not yet assembled

  • Your rig is made of smaller profiles like 40x40 or 60x30

  • Your rig is at-most 620 mm wide

  • Estimated assembly time 4 hours

Choose the EasyBrackets:

  • Your rig is built and assembled

  • Your rig is wider than 620 mm

  • Estimated assembly time 1 hour