Use SIMRIG Control Center with SimHub and F1 22


This article mentions F1 22 but the same instructions apply to other games such as Dirt Rally 2.0 and older games in the F1 series.

Some setup is required to make SIMRIG Control Center and SimHub work together. In this instruction we will make both programs work cooperate while running F1 22.

F1 22 sends telemetry over a network protocol called UDP. The telemetry is sent to a specific UDP port. Only a single program can listen to that port. Therefore, it can only send telemetry to a single program. Unless properly configured, either SIMRIG Control Center or SimHub will receive this telemetry, but not both.

To make this work we need to use UDP Passthrough in SIMRIG Control Center or UDP forwarding as it is called in SimHub. In this case we will use UDP Passthrough in SIMRIG Control Center.

Start SIMRIG Control Center and open the Settings tab. Press Configure UPD settings to bring up a list of all games that support UDP telemetry:


Choose F1 2022 in the list:


Enter 20777 under UDP Port – this is the port used by the game. The game sends its telemetry to this UDP port.

Enter 20778 under UDP Passthrough – this is the port used by SimHub. SIMRIG Control Center forwards any UDP packets is receives from the game to this port.


Apply the new configuration to F1 22 when asked.


F1 22 is configured to send UDP telemetry to port 20777. SIMRIG Control Center is configured to receive UDP telemetry on the same port. It is also configured to forward all UDP telemetry to port 20778. We must now configure SimHub to receive UDP telemetry on this port.

Start SimHub and select F1 22 (without starting the game.) Then press Game config. to open the game’s configuration dialog:


Change the Game telemetry UDP port to 20778:


Close the dialog and return to the main window.

SimHub will complain about that F1 22 isn’t configured. Press Ignore to hide this warning since we know that telemetry will come from SIMRIG Control Center and not from the game.


You are now ready to use SIMRIG Control Center and SimHub with F1 22.