Allow SIMRIG Control Center through Windows Firewall

It is sometimes necessary to allow SIMRIG Control Center through the Windows Defender Firewall. Let us first remove any old rules associated with SIMRIG Control Center:

  1. Close SIMRIG Control Center

  2. Open Windows Control Panel

  3. Go to System and Security

  4. Open Windows Defender Firewall

  5. Press Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall

  6. Click the Change settings button in the top right corner

  7. Remove all entries for SIMRIG Control Center from the list of Allowed apps and features

  8. Press OK to apply the change

All rules have now been removed.

To allow SIMRIG Control Center access to your network simply start the program and choose F1 22 as telemetry source (press the Change button at the bottom of the window.) This will prompt the firewall to ask for access. Allow both private and public network access:


Press “Allow access”.

SIMRIG Control Center now has access to your network. You can verify this by having another look at the firewall settings. All three check boxes are ticked for SIMRIG Control Center: