Live for SpeedΒΆ


These steps are automatically verified and performed by SIMRIG Control Center. Start the game and follow the prompts issued by SIMRIG Control Center. Or use the auto-configure tool on the Settings Page.

Edit cfg.txt to enable telemetry:

  1. Close Live for Speed

  2. Navigate to your LFS installation directory (default is C:\LFS)

  3. Open cfg.txt with Notepad

  1. Add this at the bottom of the file:

    OutSim Mode 1
    OutSim Delay 1
    OutSim IP
    OutSim Port 30000
    OutSim ID 0
    OutGauge Mode 1
    OutGauge Delay 1
    OutGauge IP
    OutGauge Port 30001
    OutGauge ID 0
  1. Save the file

  2. Done