Forza Horizon 4ΒΆ

Enable UDP telemetry from HUD OPTIONS:

  1. Start Forza Horizon 4

  2. Enter Settings from the main menu

  3. Goto HUD AND GAMEPLAY settings

  4. Scroll to the bottom and enable DATA OUT

  5. Enter your local IP address as DATA OUT IP ADDRESS

  6. Enter the number 5607 as DATA OUT IP PORT

  7. Exit the game



These steps are automatically verified and performed by SIMRIG Control Center. Start the game and follow the prompts issued by SIMRIG Control Center. Or use the auto-configure tool on the Settings Page.

  1. Open a CMD window as Administrator and run the command

CheckNetIsolation.exe LoopbackExempt -a -n=Microsoft.SunriseBaseGame_8wekyb3d8bbwe

This will allow Forza to send UDP packets to your local computer. This is not allowed by default since Forza is packaged as a UWP app.

  1. Done