Newsletter September 2018

by Sebastian Djerf

Aluminum rigs and beta testing

Hope you all have had a great summer! The Simrig development team has had a very productive time. We have been working on several improvements of the hardware: better support for VR, optimized the movement of the engines and we have also initiated development for a plug and play version for aluminum rigs. Everything that’s needed to make a summer vacation perfect! :)

We are very happy to announce that we have initiated collaboration with Joachim Ljunggren. Driving for Team Buschfink Racing, Joachim frequently competes in the iRacing leagues. He will support us by testing and optimizing hard- and software for the best experience. We are very pleased to have him beta-testing our first version of the SIMRIG MS (Motion system) for aluminum rigs.

Speaking of aluminum rigs we are also exited to announce that we have also initiated collaboration with Mikael Engström at SRD (Swedish Rig Designs). We are together with Mikael designing a new aluminum rig to maximize the effect of the SIMRIG motion system. Aluminum rigs have so far had a focus on 100% stability. However, when combining the aluminum rigs with a motion system the aspect of weight also affects the total experience. Therefore the focus on the rig we are designing now is light weight and just enough stability to get the best experience possible.

Our next step is to complete the new design, finalize documentation and CE mark the product. When this is completed we will offer you subscribers a limited early bird offer, so stay tuned.