Always disconnect power during maintenance.


You are strongly discouraged to disassemble the actuators; this is dangerous and will destroy the factory calibration. Improper reassembly will result in broken actuators.

Periodically check all screws. Make sure they are tight.

Periodically check all cables. Make sure all cables are secured tightly to your rig; to avoid chafing and unnecessary mechanical wear. Make sure no cables are kinked or strained.

Periodically check all connectors. Make sure they are firmly seated in their socket.


Keep clean with dry cloth. Do not use cleaning products that are electrically conductive such as water and metal brushes.

Fuse replacement

The SIMRIG SR1 ECU contains four 15A MINI Blade fuses. See part number 0297015.WXNV by Littlefuse.

Each fuse is connected to a green LED. The LED is dark if the fuse is blown.

Please contact support if a fuse is blown.