Start Page

This section will explain the basics of how to operate the program and its start page.

The start page acts as an overview. You can view the system’s status and the status of connected devices.


The Devices box at the top of the start page indicates if any SIMRIG devices are connected to your system.

We have a single device connected to our system. This is apparent by the gray box in the middle of the screen and the message: “Connected to 1 device”.


This is what you will see when you start the program for the first time.

More information about the connected device is available at the bottom of the screen. See the red rectangle below. Error messages, upgrade notifications, and other useful information is shown here.


Useful information about our device will be shown here.

Device calibration

Calibration is an automatic process that occur at every cold-start. It starts automatically when the first motion command is sent to the system. The rig is stationary for about 2-3 seconds during this process. No user action required.


SIMRIG Control Center relies on telemetry data to move the rig. This telemetry data is provided by the game you play. SIMRIG Control Center automatically detects which game you play by looking for known processes. It automatically establishes telemetry links with supported games. The Telemetry box on the top of the start page indicates if this telemetry link is operational.

Some status messages you may encounter:

Looking for known process

SIMRIG Control Center is waiting for a supported game to start.

PC2 / Searching

Project CARS 2 is running but no telemetry link has been established yet. Some simulators only send telemetry data during a race or practice session.

PC2 / Connected

A telemetry link is established with Project CARS 2. The motion system should recieve motion commands.

PC2 / Timeout

No telemetry data was detected on the link. The telemetry link will recover when data becomes available. Some simulators only send telemetry data during a race or practice session.


The Motion box indicates if the motion system is enabled or not. Press the Enable button (or Disable) to toggle the motion system on or off.


You must always press the Enable button at every startup to enable the motion system.


The system may calibrate immediately when enabled or at a later point in time.

Motion toggle hotkey

You can toggle motion on/off using a hotkey. No hotkey is bound by default as indicated by the button’s text (none):


The button shows Press any key when waiting for a hotkey. Press ESC to unbind the hotkey.


In this example Button 8 on my wheel is bound to toggle motion on/off.