Newsletter January 2019

by Sebastian Djerf

After an eventful 2018 we are now looking forward to new challenges in 2019!

We hope you all have had a great Christmas and start of the New Year! 2018 has reached it's end and what a year it has been for us at SIMRIG. We created the first prototype early in the year and from there it has been a journey of hard work and joyful moments. We have made several hard- and software improvements on the product enabling a great experience to a more affordable price. Once the product reached a point where more extensive testing was required we initiated a collaboration with Joachim Ljunggren. Since after summer he has been driving the SIMRIG SR1 and it has been a very valuable to have him test and verify the product, both the equipment and the software. We have now also, since a couple of weeks back, extended the collaboration and Joachim is now supporting us with graphic design. We are proud to present our new logo and graphic profile bellow!

We reached a milestone in our journey when we launched our early bird offer and we are happy to say that we now have our first set of users. All of which have provided input in how to make the product and documentation better. Getting the product to our first customers has been our key focus during the last months and our focus will now switch somewhat towards simplifying the product both in terms of user experience and in production time.

Our targets for 2019 is to increase our production capacity in order to be able to provide high quality products with a reasonable lead time. This will be our key focus the first months of 2019. Once we see that we have our target capacity within reach we will launch the product officially. This will be a large milestone for us in the team and we look forward to beeing able to increase the range of simracers driving with motion.

For those of you dying to try out our SIMRIG SR1 you should find us during the Swedish Championship in Virtual racing in Sundsvall the 1-2nd of February. We hope to join further events throughout the year but no firm plans yet. If you have suggestions as to where you would like to meet us don't hesitate to Contact Us!.

Finally we would like to wish you all a great start of the new year!

New logo New year, new logo :) We are very proud to present our new graphic profile. Thanks for the great job Joachim Ljunggren at Pixeldust!

SIMRIG at SM-veckan Meet us in Sundsvall the 1st & 2nd of February. We will be present at the Swedish Championship in virtual racing!

Upgrading website New website is on it's way. We will update the website with the SIMRIG SR1, including product specification and any needed information.