Re-introducing the SIMRIG SR1!

by Sebastian Djerf

The wait is over :) We are happy to be able to share the news that we yet again offer the SIMRIG SR1 motion system.

Due to the supply situation over the last year we have not been able to offer our first motion system the SIMRIG SR1. With supply sorted out we are as today, the 1st of July, making our lighter weight system available to order again.

Having to re-source some parts with also took the chance of improving the performance and stability of the SIMRIG SR1 making it better than ever. As when we launched it the first time we set out with the aim to offer the most competitive price per functionality motion system in the market. We believe we managed again. With a price of 2850 Euro + local VAT it is almost 20% lower than our more heavy duty SIMRIG SR2. You can order it either directly from us or if you want more local support ask one of our retailers. Check with your retailer to see current local stock availability.