Welcome to our new site

by Erik Alveflo

We are excited to introduce our new site. Welcome! We hope it will serve you well with good documentation, exciting news and most importantly, act a portal for our community members.

One tool
The site will be the tool through which you can access everything you will need using the SIMRIG SR1. It provides access to necessary documentation for assembling the SR1, installing and using the SIMRIG Control software as well as being the entry point of any support you might need.

The SIMRIG portal
This site will be the platform through which you not only get the latest information on our products and larger software changes. We will also add the possibility for you to exchange experiences with other users of the SIMRIG software. Through this you will be able to share your car setup with others or find out what settings other use for specific cars and tracks. Stay tuned on our newsletter to get the notice when this is available.