SIMRIG at SM-Veckan

by Sebastian Djerf

What does virtual racing have to do with tug of war and wrestling?

That was basically the first question we asked ourselves when we came up to SM-Veckan in Sundsvall the first weekend of February. At first it felt kind of weird to set up our motion rig in this huge arena full of other sport activities. Isn't the whole point of virtual racing that you can do it from anywhere? You don't need to meet up at one location to fight for the title. However nothing beats live performance and SM-veckan delivered on that point. This will be huge in the coming years. In live events where the racers meet and drive side by side with the rapid commenting from the expert commentators you could really feel the intensity of the race. We are very glad that we had the possibility to see this first hand and hope to take part of similar competitions in the future.

To exhibit and show our motion rig during this event also gave us the possibility to show the Swedish sim racing community that SIMRIG is the new provider of motion systems to keep an eye on. To have some of the best sim racers in Sweden try our setup and provide their feedback on how we can improve our product even further is very valuable in our strive to create a great sim racing experience. Now we look forward to our product launch in April and to plan for further events where we can meet even more sim racers!

SIMRIG in Sundsvall during SM-veckan