Newsletter February 2019

by Sebastian Djerf

Experienced the first Swedish Champion in sim racing first hand and having a product launch in the near future, what a perfect start of the year!

The beginning of 2019 has been hectic but so much fun. We are now finalizing the last hardware upgrades in the product design. We now have a product that is both great to use and more efficient to produce. This will enable us to launch during the first week of April. With great support from our customers we have also been able to improve the software and make the use of the Simrig motion system even better.

We had the great opportunity to participate during the first Swedish Championship in Virtual Racing. The competition took place in Sundsvall the first weekend of February during the “SM-Veckan” where a large variety of sports had their titles fought for. This was a great experience for us not only to be able to see the finals first hand but also to be able to show and get feedback from some of the best sim racers in Sweden. Overall we got very good feedback and look forward to meeting more experienced sim racers in future events.

We are excited to introduce our new website We hope it will serve you well with good documentation, exciting news and most importantly, act as a portal for our community members.

One tool - The site will be the tool through which you can access everything you will need using the SIMRIG SR1. It provides access to necessary documentation for assembling the SR1, installing and using the SIMRIG Control software as well as being the entry point of any support you might need.

The SIMRIG platform - This site will be the platform through which you not only get the latest information on our products and larger software changes. We will also add the possibility for you to exchange experiences with other users of the SIMRIG software. Through this you will be able to share your car setup with others or find out what settings others use for specific cars and tracks. Sign up for our newsletter to get notice when this is available!