The SIMRIG Motion System

We make powerful 3-DOF motion systems. Built and developed in-house with a simple goal: ease-of-use and affordability.

Our 3-DOF motion system achieve heave, roll, and pitch, using four actuators mounted at the corners of your aluminium rig. The system reacts to acceleration by tilting the rig in any direction. The system reacts to bumps and curbs by moving up and down.

The SIMRIG SR1 and SR2 connects to your PC through a USB-cable. It also connects to your favorite racing simulator through our SIMRIG Control Center.


Heave is motion up and down. With four actuators the SIMRIG motion system lifts your entire rig. Feel the curbs and the imperfections in the track. Notice carefully crafted details in the asphalt never before experienced.


Pitch is rotation forwards and backwards. The SIMRIG motion system tilts your rig backwards during acceleration and forwards while braking. Feel the braking force instead of relying solely on the position of your foot.


Roll is rotation left and right. While cornering the SIMRIG motion system tilts your rig sideways depending on direction. Fell the forces as your car is pushed around the corner.


The SIMRIG SR1 and SR2 achieves these numbers during max load with all four actuators mounted in a square.

Up to


Up to



Up to




The SIMRIG SR1 and SR2 are powerful and accurate systems that attaches to most aluminium profiles. They interfaces with your PC using USB. The included power supply operates around the world.

Max load 1)175 kg225 kg
Travel70 mm
Speed100 mm/s (at max load)
Accuracy0.1 mm
Latency7 ms
Power 2)500 W1000 W
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (Mini-B)
OSWindows 10 (64-bit)
MountingAluminium rig 60x20,
40x40, 80x40 mm
Aluminium rig 80x40,
120x40, 160x40 mm

1) Including driver and rig

2) Power supply operates around the world



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